Friday, April 25, 2008

Dead weight

I can't really describe how wonderful it is to be free of a dead weight that I've suffered for the last 4 years.

Finally a useless, lazy person that never comes to work within their schedule, and when she did come, came to sleep or make-up lame stories of people she says are her friends, or wonderful places where she was always asked to go (like if anyone would be interested in spending time with that cow!).

Free of her stories of how her kid is a genius, and teachers are always calling her to congratulate her. HA! Like if we didn't know that spoiled brat who one day put cheap Dragon Ball stickers in our computer offices, and needs some jarabe de palo! Yeah, the genius genes come from it's father who got himself killed because he forgot to put a lifesaver.

No more of that bitch who can't even pay her phone bills, so her family was always calling her in the office.

I only hope that when she gets fired (if she hasn't already been yet) from her new job, she doesn't try to come back here.

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