Monday, June 02, 2008

Changes as of Shards of Alara

Regarding today's announcement:

1. Less cards per set: good, more manageable, and HOPEFULLY less craps.

As I side note, I also started directly within a set (Judgment mainly), and skipped core sets.

2. New rarity: I don't really care

I don't play other TCGs (in real life), so I don't even know what their rarity is.

3. Lands in boosters: I don't like this...

I see the tournament packs are not listed anywhere in the article... I'll have to wait for the fatpack details to see where I'll get my land collection.

4. Theme decks into Intro Packs: sounds like a nice change

Anyways, I'm not into Theme decks, unless the main mechanic is appealing. My first was Morph Mayhem, before that I played with other people's decks, and I liked the way it worked. My only other precon was Dimir Intrigues, because I really wanted to try out milling strategies.

5. Multicolored 'walker: about time they returned

As a fatpack buyer, I suppose the respective novel will be replaced with the correspoding new storyline product. But there are 4 storyline products, and 3 sets, so that means core sets will get the filler one?

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