Monday, July 14, 2008

Not just random words

This is a message from a friend of mine (translated by me) to a guy who went to a party, and woke up the next day not even remembering how he got home, and a girl called him, and he didn't remember having even met her (miss translations abound):

I have more than 4 years here knowing you, and as it may sound illogic, and dumb, I have taken to like you, as to other CaSAurs.

Try to drink to have fun, not to play stupid in the streets, that can lead you to a high-risk sexual relationship you're not even going to remember, that can lead you to AIDS in less than 5 minutes.

Look, and this is for everyone else, that virus is real, I have it in my blood ever since 3 years ago, and only found out 1 ago.

I'm a slave for life of 3 medicines that are very expensive (Reyatz, Truvada y Norvir) all together, for a month the treatment costs around US$1200.

Not only the medicines, once a month I have to go to a medical check, they take 7 blood samples of me, that check:

Viral Charge: amount of AIDS copies per cm3 in my blood.
Lymphocyte CD4: something that fights off AIDS
Hepatic function: how the medicines affect my liver.
Resistance: how resistant the virus is to my medicines.
Phenotype: checking that the virus hasn't mutated, and is still stuck to T cells thru receptor CCR5, if not I gotta change my medicines.

These tests are worth US$900, so we're talking about US$2100 total per month.

This disease is not exclusive to homosexuals, it doesn't restrict sexual preference nor social classes.

Take care dude, everyone take care, this is something delicate, not a game.


By the way, my friend is the lucky ones who detected the disease in time, and since he's not a psycho sex lunatic, hasn't spread it to tons of people as some other people do.

Thankfully for him, his family and friends haven't dumped him because of the disease neither.

He's expected to be able to live a normal life for the next 20 years if he takes care, and keeps his medical checks in order.

This is no random ad, nor a e-mail chain. This is a real person I've known for years, and just like any person out there, someone I didn't expect to have this disease.

Seriously, everyone out there... take care... be safe...

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Dalom said...

Sorprendente que haya decidido poner esto hoy y no comentar también la muerte de la "blogera" más vieja...