Monday, September 22, 2008


Just as promised:
You are an idiot who stayed five times in Calculus, I do not know why I lower myself to talk to you and if it were not that in this world everything is moved by levers you would not have a . Your girlfriend has the face of a innocent girl, and you have friends over the Internet. Never asked me a favor, soon I will be better than you because I am a good doctor and deserve after so many bad things. You will see that God will punish you.
And no, I will not pay you because I don't feel like it, and I do not respect you and I don't care what you think, if you want to sue me. I hate you I hope you die.
After telling her I wished her the best, and after all this time, I can only pity her:
Your height you mean because your ,because you're the most immature man I know, and you do not have to pity me, first because I'm going to be well because I have experience and I'm a good doctor, and second I have more pity for you and would change from being in your shoes not even crazy in a thousand years. You are an idiot and ugly with psychological problems. I pity you lots. May God forgive you because I would do you favors if I could, you're loosing the best friend you could have in your life and the most intelligent one. Fare well.
And what caused all this? I refused to lend her approximately US$30 to pay her cellphone...


Dalom said...

Lo que no entiendo es el enfasis de su amiga en señalar lo obvio

Dalom said...

Ah, y además:
1. ¡Usted se quedó 5 veces en cáculo! Espero que haya sido calculo 2 porque hay que ser demasiado Mauricio para quedarse 5 veces en calculo 1.
2. Su amiga suena simpática, parece que tenemos muchas opiniones en común... ¿me la podría presentar?

Mau said...

Cálculo 1: 0 veces
Cálculo 2: 4 veces
Cálculo 3: 2 veces
Álgebra Lineal: 0 veces
Ecuaciones Diferenciales: 0 veces

La próxima vez que lo vea le doy el número de ella.

Dalom said...

Menos mal, aunque la verdad no veo motivo para repetir calculo 3, es decir es casi tan fácil como cálculo 1, en el caso de algebra es un curso muy bonito por lo que es lógico que lo pase a la primera y ecuaciones es otro queque.
¿Lo que no me queda claro es cómo llegó a cálculo 2 si nunca llevó calculó 1? (por si no le cae, es que espero que vea el error de concepto que representa lo que puso, a menos que esté tratando de decir que se quedó en cálculo 2 4 veces).