Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not doing your work

Some people never bother to do their work right...

Q: So, we all know that Yawgmoth is the big bad Thran at the heart of the Weatherlight Saga. We've seen his Will, his Edict, his Bargain, his Agenda and more... but we seem to be pretty short on the big guy himself! So I guess I'm asking... is Yawgmoth actually depicted on any cards?
–David, Mercer Island, WA, USA

A: From Monty Ashley, Magic Web Team:

Actually, he is. Wait, is Yawgmoth a "he"? Let's go with "it" is, just in case. I present you with a look at raw, unfiltered Yawgmoth:

Of course, that means that Yawgmoth also appears on the Seventh Edition version:

At first, I wasn't sure whether Yawgmoth Demon was the Yawgmoth, or maybe just "a demon of Yawgmoth". But here's the art description for the Ninth Edition version, which seems to settle the question pretty definitively:

Color: Black
Location: Phyrexia
Action: Show Yawgmoth, who is an enormous flying abomination of Phyrexian origin (a necro-tech setting). It should have two horns and wings, but the rest is up to you. Should be a horrifying flesh/metal hybrid.

So there you go! Note that this doesn't mean that Yawgmoth's full name is "Yawgmoth Demon". He's not related to Maxwell Demon, the on-stage persona of Brian Slade in Todd Haynes's glam rock movie Velvet Goldmine, is what I'm trying to say.

Was it too much to read the damned books and reply that he's on the background of Last stand, or that he's the "Hanna" of Jilt, or all the people in the stands of Phyrexian Arena?

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