Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The stuff nightmares are made out of

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Written by Skibo the first:

Magic: the Gathering

Jace is your average high school student living in a small town when just before he's going to ask the most popular girl in school, he gets too worked up and finds himself in Egypt. He later learns that he is a planeswalker meaning he can teleport anywhere on Earth... and once to Mars as comic relief.

Years ago his grandfather and four others found a mystical stone in a Mayan ruin and when touched it broke apart into five peices, each with a diffrent color. Now Jace must collect all five stones and bring them back to the Mayan temple before the eclipse or else the world will end*. On his way he'll fight Chandra, the brash young hottie with a love of pyromania, Vess, a troubled girl who made a deal she can't back away from, Gaurruk, a hunter extreme with no morality when it comes to his prey, and Ajani, a young man who is learned the diffrence between vegence and justice.

But deep in the shadows lurks, Bolas. Jace's former friend and rival. He seeks the stone for his own power.

Will Jace be able to recover all five stones? Will Bolas suceed in destroying the world? You'll just have to tune into...

In the end Bolas does get the stones, turns into a dragon and Jace has to slay him with the legacy weapon.

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