Friday, July 17, 2009

Good old times

Ah... its good to be young... I remember when I was your level, 75, and got my first level 80 gear (which at that time was the level cap).

There I was, my first time in Drak'Tharon Keep with a random group of people having the usual problems to start the instace: the server was full and we had to wait to enter, some people had to be summoned twice, some went AFK while we tried to get inside, and we had to wait for them...

In those days it was VERY common for me to get into random instance groups using the LFG and going to places I didn't know where they were. (Good old times)

Once we FINALLY started the instance, our first mobs killed or wiped us! I was already starting to worry how we would manage to even do the first boss like that! Was it my fault? (I was the healer which I don't usually like)

And then the bomb came! Everyone but a Blood Elf hunter died, and he looted a rare item from a mob while the rest spirit released!

I was about to leave the group because I was tired of wiping and that, but since I don't usually do it without analyzing what was going wrong, it turned out the item was NOT
bind on pick up so, we rolled and I won it (with a 99 lol!)! I still wasn't able to use it but it was my first level 80 item! What item was it? No idea lol, I didn't write it down, I just remember it was a spellcaster cloak with a red socket.

And the instance itself? Well, we did finish it, it turns out that our Dork Knight tank forgot to put Frost Presence! Jeez! Fucking n00b!

Next time I'll tell you about the shaman who said me and the other druid were ninjas because we needed cloth items. Now go out there kids and farm Azshara, I gotta drink my prune juice.

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