Thursday, March 27, 2008

Future theories

2012: Cars will choose best traffic routes
I remember they've been promising that for years

2015: Cellphones+Laptop hybrids
Still working on their size, and how to transport them... maybe something for the whole wrist with a holographic video display?

2020: Artificial intelligence software
Hopefully, the machines will be better rulers of the world

2020: Nanomachines
Yes, more human-cyborg hybrids stuff!

2030: Virtual and real confuse
We all know real life is overrated anyways, so it'll be a nice change

2050: Robots will marry
So, even they will have a better sex life than me

2050-60: Millions of computers on a task
Well, PS3 already does that

So, it all indicates that Step #4 of my plan to become a WoW zombie will be achievable in my natural lifespan,

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