Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Home sweet home

Brief summary of the 23 hours it took me to get home (without sleeping) after getting up in Spain...

I made it to the airport on time, and when I reached the counter they said the flight was over-sold, and I was on waiting list (damn you Iberia!), they sent me to Customer Service to se if they could get me a seat, or had to reprogram my schedule.

There they said that there were 6 seats available, and I had to go back to the counter so they would give me my ticket, and take my baggage. But, then the lights went of for about 10 minutes, and by the time they came back, and it was my turn, the flight had already been closed, and I couldn´t take it anymore...

So back in the customer service counter, they booked me a flight to Mexico City, and then to my country, which would make me arrive 3 hours later than my original plan. And, they gave me €600 for compensation (I should quit my job, and earn a living travelling in Iberia).

After that nothing interesting happened, it is only worth saying that Juno is a good movie, and I reccomend it to you.

Back in my country (thankfully I was out of the plane among the first, and my baggage was 2nd in the baggage claim), my brother picked me up, and 20 minutes later I was home.

Today I ate the typical Costarrican breakfast: gallo pinto. And created a Skype account: japoniano (my usual internet nickname, it´s a long story where it comes from).

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