Thursday, April 05, 2007

Acerca de Building on a budget

Bueno, luego de manifestar (otra vez) lo horrible que me parece la columna de BoaB de, he sido advertido:

Hi japoniano,
Regarding the post quoted below, personal attacks of any kind are not allowed on our forums. They're against our community [url=]Code of Conduct[/url] and will lead to disciplinary action if they continue.
If you have any comments about Ben Bleiweiss, feel free to send him an email or contact the editor of Please do not post any further personal attacks on the forums. Thanks.
Sincerely,WizO Crosis

Esta es mi respuesta:


I'm afraid you are mistaking my post. I don't pretend to do a personal campaign agains Ben as a person or writer at, what worries me is his take on the BoaB column, which I'm afraid has been going downhill on his run (and I'm not the only one who thinks that way); I'll admit that his [I]Deck doctoring[/I] idea was pretty nice, but since his take on the Sasaya deck a couple of months back, he ruined it (and hasn't done it again).

I've read the other articles he has writed for and StarCitygames, and I'll admit that he can write good articles, but his run on BoaB is horrible.

Warnings and bannings won't change the way I think, which is by the way, the main reason there are forums to dicuss the article, to get feedback and make them better.

PS. I think that making him personal emails won't have much effect, because it would some more as harrasing, and they'll most likely go to the trash without any feedback.

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