Friday, April 06, 2007

BoaB 2

Bueno, esta es la respuesta del moderador y fin de esta miniserie:

Hi japoniano,

Thanks for contacting me with a well-thought reply. First, let me say that my interest in your posts is purely as a moderator. Whether you like or don't like Building on a Budget as written by Ben Bleiweiss, is very much up to you, and you're welcome to disagree with the writing if you wish.

However, posts on these forums must always be respectful, courteous, and non-inflammatory. While everyone is welcome to discuss the content of a column; nobody is welcome to do so in a manner which is mean, rude, insulting, or an otherwise attack on someone's character or personal nature. Our Code of Conduct is very explicit that members are to treat each other politely. Those who uses these forums agree to abide by that Code of Conduct if they wish to maintain their posting priviledges. So please, keep all comments on the forums polite even (and especially) if you're disagreeing.

That said, Wizards does welcome any feedback you may have, and there are appropriate methods reserved for doing so. You may want to contact Ben Bleiweiss directly via email and explain what you believe he can do to improve the column. You're also welcome to contact the editor of (Scott Johns) or contact Wizards Customer Service with your suggestions. Either of those sources will be happy to consider your feedback and pass it along as necessary.

Please understand however, the forums are not reserved for discussion of authors, Wizards personel, or even site management such as how a column should be written. The forums are reserved strictly for discussion of the game of Magic. We allow some related discussion as long as it doesn't become disruptive. But if a member starts repeating the same criticisms about site content, week after week, then that is best addressed via the appropriate direct channels so as not to disrupt other (magic) discussion.

Again, please just use the appropriate contact points to provide feedback about Ben Bleiweiss, and keep all comments on the forums polite and on-topic to Magic. Thanks.

WizO Crosis

Siempre funciona recordarles que tú eres un cliente y sabes más de mercadeo que ellos.

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