Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Attacking the Right Guy

Luego de leer este artículo, pongo msi reflexiones existencialistas, ya que en los 3 juegos de ayer, no sólo no gané ninguno, además fui el primero en morir en los 3... (está en inglés porque le di copié de mi post en los foros oficiales de Wizards)

I'm usually the first to attack in our multiplayer games, and I'm usually guided by these rules:

-Winner of the last game
-The new guy at this game
-The guy to my right (and then spread love)

As the game progresses, I can take it against whomever has more chances of winning (thus reducing his chances). I rarely attack a player that seems [I]a step away from death[/I], because it isn't fun to leave them outside the game, waiting for the rest to finish (unless that player plays a life gain deck).

Although I usually ended up being killed first... :'(

A friend made this card for me, based on my playing style...

Ya veremos cómo cambia la situación en los juegos de hoy.

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